Louisiana Bayou

We’ll just leave this link here for you to check out this fishing video from the Louisiana Bayou.  Enjoy!

Louisiana Bayou


Preparing For Cold Weather

We’ve discussed lots about kayaking recently, but this post is geared towards our wood stove and pellet stove customers.

Wood burners, now is the time to order firewood if you haven’t already.  Firewood needs at least six months to season.  It’s hard to imagine with spring fever setting in, but we will have chilly nights six months from now!  Seasoned wood is the only way to go; otherwise, your stove can’t perform optimally and there will be a noticeable difference in heat output.  Also, the seasoning process doesn’t begin until the wood is chopped, stacked, and off the ground.  Putting in the hard work now will make the fall and winter much more enjoyable.


Check out this website which gives some good information on firewood, including which trees burn the hottest.

Good Firewood

Pellet stove burners, although your fuel does not have to season and is available year round, now is the best time to buy pellets.  Pellets are cheaper this time of year and as long as you have the storage space, it’s best to buy all your tons at once.  You will save on delivery fees and when cold weather hits you won’t have to worry about stopping in to buy a few bags at a time.  Similar to your car, your pellet stove needs regular maintenance to run at peak performance.  Give us a call today to schedule your annual service and have your pellets delivered at the same time.  Preparing in the spring will make your heating season easy!

For All The Rookies On The Water

Are you new to kayaking?  Or maybe you would like to purchase a kayak but have no clue where to begin?  Don’t worry, just remember that every proficient kayaker was once in your shoes.  As with any sport, the pros can outshine and even intimidate the rookies.  Try not to let yourself get discouraged; just keep having fun and your skill will improve with time!  There are lots of resources available to make sure you are in the perfect kayak.  As long as you are having fun, that’s really all that matters!  We found a great article which highlights the important things to consider when picking out a kayak.  Click on the link below.

Things To Ask Yourself Before Looking At Kayaks

We are offering introductory kayak fishing tours throughout the summer in conjunction with our Hobie and Wilderness Systems Pro-Staff.  These tours are geared towards beginners and  will give you an opportunity to try multiple boats from our Hobie and Wilderness fleets.  The groups will be limited to five people and pre-registration is required.  So grab a group of friends and call us to reserve your date!  You will definitely have a fun filled day on the water 🙂

tour schedule


Hobie Eclipse

We couldn’t be more excited about what’s coming this summer from Hobie.  The Mirage Eclipse is going to change the way you enjoy spending time on the water.  Check out a few pictures and prepare to get excited with us!

eclipseeclipse1eclipse2eclipse3The pedals are reminiscent of an elliptical machine at the gym, steady and easy to use.  They power Hobie’s signature Mirage Drive system which will have you scooting across the water in no time!  The handle bars give you even more stability and  control.  This is one awesome water craft!  We are thinking we can put our gym membership on hold this summer and get on the Eclipse instead.  Look for us on the water!  Click the link below to watch a video…and take note of how fast the Eclipse can go!

Hobie Mirage Eclipse Video

Last weekend’s weather did not cooperate for the Wicomico River Clean Up so we are going to try again this weekend.  This is a great event to clean up our river and have a lot fun while we’re at it.  Plus, who doesn’t love a free t-shirt?

river clean up


Can you call yourself a ninja?

Ninja?  You might be asking yourself, “what the heck are they talking about?”  Well, we found a great article in Kayak Angler Magazine which discusses balance in relation to kayak fishing.  Balance is something which even the most novice paddlers know is very important.  Think back to your very first kayaking experience.  Wobbly, unsteady,”oh crap I feel like I’m going to flip this thing,” and finally, “this is really fun” are a few sentiments we experienced.  Notice that ninja is not on that list!  Kayaks vary greatly in hull design which directly affects balance and stability (and ninja skills!).  This is especially important when you factor in fishing from your kayak.  “Knowing how to stand in any conditions will let you see more fish and then catch more fish.”  And be a kayak ninja also 🙂

Here’s the link to read the full article in Kayak Angler.  Plus there’s a cool video showcasing the Wilderness Systems ATAK.

How To Balance Like a Ninja

A big thanks to the anglers who came out last weekend to Roaring Point for our fishing seminar!  Although the weather did not cooperate and it was a chilly wet day, we still had a great turnout and tons of fun.  It was our first fishing seminar on the water and it was a success!

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We have a couple of great events coming up this weekend.  Tomorrow we will be rolling up our sleeves and doing our part at the Spring Wicomico River Paddle Clean Up.  This is a great chance to get on the water, have fun paddling the river, and help make our waters beautiful.  This event is in conjunction with the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce, Salisbury University, and Salisbury Public Works.  What a great way to give back to the community and have a little fun at the same time.  The clean up starts at 2pm from the launch dock on Riverside Drive in Salisbury.  Hope to see you there!  Click on the link below for more information.

Wicomico River Clean Up

Sunday is our W.O.W. Fishing Experience.  This event is specifically for people who are new to kayak fishing.  We will supply everything  you need and start from the beginning.  If you have always wanted to fish from a kayak but are unsure how to get started, this is the seminar  for you.  Call us to reserve your spot!  410-543-1244.  There is a cost associated with this seminar, but the good news is the fee comes off the purchase of a boat within 30 days.  This is sure to be a fun day!  You will be a kayak fishing ninja in no time 😉


Time is running out…

….to register for our next kayak fishing seminar, which is this Saturday.  Shoot Joe an email by Wednesday at the latest and let him know you plan to attend.  Check out the details below!

fishing seminar

Last week we were dreaming about tarpon fishing in the Caribbean.  And yup, we’re still over here day dreaming about escaping to sunny warm waters.  But the good news is if you have a few vacation days in April to spare and would like to check out the Battle in the Bahamas, click on the link below for all the details.  The Hobie Bass Open in June sounds like a blast as well.  Just make sure to share all your fish tales and pictures with us when you return!         Kayak Fishing Tournaments




Another Great Seminar

A big thanks to everyone who came to the Kayak Camping and Rigging Seminar right here at our store Wednesday evening.  And although everyone’s been a little groggy since last Sunday’s time change, it made us happy campers Wednesday since we were able to hold the seminar outside.  We are fortunate to have our Hobie and Wilderness Systems Pro-staff, Doug and Adam.  They truly are the kayak fishing experts and are improving Delmarva’s angler skills one seminar at a time!  As always, these are free events and we hope to see you at the next seminar.  Check out the slideshow below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We are really excited about our next kayak fishing seminar.  This one is actually going to be on the water launching at Roaring Point.  Our first seminar was in the store, this week’s was outside, and on April 2 we will be on the water!  At this rate, we will be tarpon fishing in the Caribbean by the end of the summer.  Just kidding, of course.  But we can dream, right? 😉

DCF 1.0

Ok, let’s get our minds back to reality on the Delmarva Peninsula!  April 2 is the Kayak Angling 101 Paddle.  Like we said, this seminar is actually on the water so you will need to bring your own kayak, pfd, rod/reel, anchor, and tackle.  Just make sure you pre-register with Joe by March 28th.  Just send him an email at jpagliaro@rommelusa.com and let him know you are planning to attend.

Speaking of Joe, he took advantage of the great weather this week to catch a few large mouth bass.  Nice catch, Joe!